In an era when training time and budgets are limited, our teaching method allows each trainee to train 6 times more in a 7-hour day than conventional training.

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To make more turnover, you just need to know a few techniques and repeat them until they become a genuine reflex when faced with any client situation.


The 7 advantages of the RUN TRAINING© teaching method:

Because 80% of the questions and objections of the customer require impactful, immediate responses, DARDELIN CONSEILS has developed a patented training method that closely follows commercial reality. Here are the 7 advantages of our RUN TRAINING© teaching method:


We train your teams on their feet and in motion because in 80% of cases they work on their feet and in motion.


We train your teams to develop the best reflexes in a faster and more intense form than reality, because the goal is not to know but to apply knowledge in spite of the limitations.


The key to being better is more a question of individual training time than content. Our method privileges individual exercises and allows each participant to perform exercises for a minimum of 6 hours in a 7-hour training day.

80% memorization

We guarantee that 80% of sales reflexes will be memorized by the participant, because it is impossible to apply something that hasn’t been remembered.

 Zero back-to-school

We have dispensed with anything that bears any resemblance to the old models of academic and university training models which remind participants of going “back to school” and allows for a very strong commitment during and after training.


We train your teams in real customer-facing situations because it is impossible to reproduce the limitations of commercial life in a training room (rise and fall of client flows, unexpected client requests, noise etc.), whatever the quality of the content and the trainer.


Our goal is not to form sales graduates but to develop flexible, adaptable and seasoned professionals who can face any customer situation.

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