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In an era when training time and budgets are limited, our teaching method allows each professional to train 6 times more in a 7-hour day than a conventional training package.

To make more turnover, all that is required is to know a few techniques and repeat them until they become a genuine reflex when confronted with any client situation.

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Identify your turnover killers

Our training projects allow all our clients to gain 5 to 10% of additional turnover in a lasting way. In 80% of cases this is about recovering sales that are lost every day, the causes of which are many and not limited to skills development alone.

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Develop a tailor-made project

For DARDELIN CONSEILS, training is the last step of a project in which everything has been simplified, transformed, and optimized to obtain fast results and maintain them in the long term.

Slide Observation of the practices of
your sales teams
Slide Identification of
your turnover killers
Slide Simplification and optimization of
your sales processes and customer path
Slide Design, timing and
real-situation testing of
training content
Slide Selection of the teams or areas
with the highest probable R.O.I
Slide Training of sales teams
in real sales situations and/or
situations more intensive than reality
Slide Day of
post-training CASH COACHING
for all sales managers

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Try and be certain before you buy

Buying training is like going on holiday to a hotel you don’t know – there are nice surprises and not-so-nice ones. Try our training methods by taking part in one of our free 2-hour Demonstrations where you will be trained as a salesperson/advisor/manager


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Innovations, Master Classes, White Papers, Benchmark Workshops …

50% of the professions that will be practiced in 5 years’ time do not yet exist today. In a world where new jobs and models are booming, innovation, experience sharing, and a regular supply of new information are a necessity. Like most decision-makers, you don’t have the time to get up-to-date, which is why DARDELIN CONSEILS seeks and finds solutions for you, sharing its own experience and that of other major-account businesses with you when you become a Member of the Premium Club.

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