Developing your business models of tomorrow

Developing sales results and maintaining them in the long term is a holistic approach that demands the introduction of real systems in which everything is designed to generate growth, if it is to succeed.

Before or independently of the sales training, DARDELIN CONSEILS brings you its expertise in Audit and Consulting for business optimization.

To take advantage of our accumulated experience in Audit and Consultancy

We help our clients to simplify and,
their processes

to gain in productivity and anticipate the evolution of their business models of tomorrow:

  • Rationalization and optimization of commercial recruitment methods
  • Audit and evaluation of sales practices
  • Study of the practices of the competition
  • Definition of new customer paths
  • Introduction of the Web To Business prospecting method
  • Optimization or redefinition of business models in relation to new market trends
  • Optimization of planning of sales teams according to activity flows
  • Optimization of sales productivity
  • Simplification of commercial management methods
  • Realignment of sales forces after merging entities or business units
  • Optimization of content of sales visits
  • Simplification of commercial reporting methods and tools
  • Reinforcement of sales mobility (on-board office)
  • Definition of new methods of variable bonuses for sales teams
  • Definition and installation of high-impact commercial challenges

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