Because sales managers are the ones whose actions contribute to 70% of the end-of- year result, DARDELIN CONSEILS has developed a unique and original method: DETAIL MANAGEMENT©.

DETAIL MANAGEMENT© is based on a very simple idea: I do and I become. By practicing the right reflexes on a single simple, daily management action providing immediate results in my teams and my customers I gain the will to move forward, to master a second action, then a third, then all of them, and I finally understand that long- term success is just a series of small victories.

“The key to sales is our ability to take action ‘on the ground’ because most sales are not need-based sales, but impulse buys in 70% of cases, so the impact on the ground is fundamental, and the key is proximity: so management on the ground is fundamental”.

A sales manager

The 6 pillars of DETAIL MANAGEMENT©:


A method concentrated on the perfect mastery of 10 to 15 daily management actions that make the greatest contribution to the expected business results


Management actions calibrated to be practiced in an interval of 5 to 60 minutes on the stopwatch


No management action without an immediately measurable result


A real career path over several weeks rather than short sharp shock training with no future


Part of the training is in real situations with the sales teams


A dedicated DARDELIN CONSEILS mentor to help and boost each sales manager during his or her journey

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